Der Gute Botschaft Verlag (translated: The Good News Publishers) arose from the personal mission of some brothers from the Dillkreis area.  In the 60s, a brother started distributing tracts with an evangelistic message among migrant workers in their native language.  When the workers went back to their home countries they took literature with them.  Thus began a beneficial mission, which has continuously grown over many years.  Through believers doing missionary trips abroad, the need for good Christian literature kept growing.  Today we offer literature in over 90 languages and ship worldwide into more than 100 countries every year.

We are Christians and believe that the Bible is still valid and up-to-date, and it provides us with answers and help for the fundamental questions of life.  Through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have safety and security in life.  For through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins, we received forgiveness of our sins and peace with God.  You can really experience this.  It is not just a theory!

Our faith is based solely on the Bible, the unique book in which God communicates and reveals himself to us humans.  Therefore it is our desire to fulfill biblical principles and instructions in our personal lives, in our interactions with other people, and in our life as a church (or assembly).  We would like to be your guide to the One who will also give your life meaning and purpose: Jesus Christ.

The Bible considers anyone whose sins are forgiven by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ a member of the one global church (or assembly) of God.  This church is formed by all true Christians on this earth, no matter which denomination or Christian circle they are situated in.  Therefore we feel connected to all believers through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who alone is the foundation and center of His church (or assembly).

Our mission is to spread the gospel worldwide.  We provide literature for this reason.  But God wants more.  He does not stop at saving people, but would also like to go on with His children and make them worshippers (The Gospel of John chapter 4 verse 23: „For the Father is seeking such to worship Him“).  For seeking Christians we also have corresponding biblical literature available.  We don’t want to promote any group of Christians (even if we personally have biblically grounded beliefs).  We only want to motivate the honest and unbiased study of the Bible.

„Der Gute Botschaft Verlag“ does not operate for profit, but is financed by a foundation called „Freunde christlicher Mission und Wohltätigkeit“ (translated: Friends of Christian Mission and Charity“).

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